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Trip Start Date: 09/17/2017 Trip End Date: 10/07/2017
Air Flight Itinerary
Airline Flight # Date Departure City Depart Arrive Destination City
Lufthansa 455 09/17/17 San Francisco 3:05p 11:00a Frankfurt
Lufthansa 1396 09/18/17 Frankfurt 12:30p 1:30p Prague
Lufthansa 1403 09/30/17 Prague 06:00a 7:10a Frankfurt
Lufthansa 900 09/30/17 Frankfurt 8:00a 8:40a London LHR
United Lufthansa 9378 10/07/17 Frankfurt 10:25a 1:30p San Francisco
Hotels and Lodging
Destination City Arrive Depart Hotel Name Hotel Telephone
Prague 09/18/17 09/22/17 Hotel Leonardo (420)239009239
Dresden 09/22/17 09/25/17 Westin Bellevlue (420)5305033464
Seiffen 09/25/17 04/27/17 Hotel Berghof (49)493518050
Karlovy Vary 09/27/17 09/28/17 Hotel Dvorak Vienna House (49)373427720
Prague 09/28/17 09/30/17 Hotel Leonardo (420)239009239
Cruise Line Ship Name Embark Port City Disembark Destination Port City
Rail Journey
Departure City Date Depart Arrive Train # Destination City
London 09/30/17 11:10a 12:39a 175600 Brighton
Tour Package Inclusive
Tour Company Travel Agency Travel Agent Contact Tour/Agent Telephone Tour Confirmation #
Text works to my phone or email We travel from Prague with friend Alex to Dresden, Seiffen, Karlovy Vary (420)353 5246677 We stay with Friend Jenny in Brighton and she will take us back to London (44) 1273 7756589